Collasius - Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
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Learn about the Maritime International and explore more about what makes Germany so rich.


The place here at the right time shows you the shades of rainbow which can be very appealing.


We want to address the slight changes in climate before it turns into a bigger mistake.


We can explore Hamburg and learn about all the interesting things Hamburg has to offer.


We are a group of enthusiastic individuals who want to show the real beauty of Germany.


We can make sure that you are updated about the elections and events that are coming up.


We want to make sure that you stay a peaceful life to ensure that everything works as you planned.


We embrace the natural beauty of Germany and Hamburg.


We can make sure that you know about the law around here for a comfortable stay.


Try to make sure that you have the right people governing you for your stay here.


How to Start a Business in a New City

Establishing a business in a new location can be challenging, especially for small business owners or solopreneurs. Activities will include the preparation of new office spaces, relocation of employees, and so on. If you want to be successful in the new location, you have to take some necessary steps. It goes beyond being enthusiastic or being familiar with urban centers. Read the following tips.

  • Conduct Research

Make sure that research is conducted to understand the local industry and market. You also have to learn about your competitors, so that strategies can be formulated to beat them. You can enter into partnerships with such companies as well as the ones not in your industry for community projects to be executed. Your research will also uncover the various economic development resources available. They are crucial for growth and expansion.

  • Write a Business Plan

You need to prepare a business plan in view of the new location you are about to invest in. Take your time in hiring the best business plan writers for the job because they can help you create a specialized draft for the location you are in. It is advisable to write the plan at the initial stage of relocation, so that it will guide you as you move on to other stages.

  • Connect With the Local Government

Doing this may give your brand a boost. Let government officials and/or political office holders know how your business will be beneficial to the community. They may not be able to do anything to help your company in the political sphere immediately, but such relationships can be beneficial later. You can lobby them for certain purposes in the future.

People in the local government may have connections that can be useful to you. Try to make these individuals familiar with your brand. They can help your business to settle in the new environment, and also provide information, as well as resources for growth and expansion when necessary.

The government needs to see you as a serious business owner that is willing to make an impact in the community and improve its economy. In turn, your company will be seen as an asset to the progress and development of the community.

  • Keep Your Employees Motivated

A relocation can be overwhelming for you, but it can be a more difficult situation for your workers. You have to ensure that they are in good spirits any way you can. They have to be as driven as you are in view of settling into the new environment. If possible, take care of their moving expenses fully or partially. There has to be a benefits package attached to making them relocate.

Social events, recreational activities, and so on are good ideas for employee motivation. It will help them loosen up and ease the stress of moving.

If you do it right, your new location could start rewarding your efforts soon enough. The bonds you establish will be crucial in increasing your chances of achieving success.


Reasons You Should Visit Germany

Germany is actually very well known for being a diverse country. It also proves to be one that offers so much to its residents as well as its visitors too. It has also been an amazing and remarkable place that you can explore and also enjoy because the outdoors is certainly great because you will be able to experience something that is really beautiful indeed. It has numerous breathtaking attractions with some really exceptional festivities all around the year, and it has also been known to boasts a multi-cultural and also diverse population. There are actually so many things that are amazing about Germany, and I will be listing out some of these reasons that you should go there.


  • It is actually incredibly rich when it comes to historical attractions. There are actually a lot of sites in Germany that are a picture of beauty because there are so many buildings that are built so amazingly indeed. You will realize that it is really worth seeing indeed. You will also see multiple German castles which will actually seem like they are right out of a fairytale. The way that their architecture has been preserved is actually amazingly incredible. These actually date back to times even before the World Wars. The capital of Germany has indeed been known to offer a glimpse of its history with even the remnants of the Berlin Wall, which is actually the famous arch which you have to see when you visit there.
  • You will also take a look at buildings and castles which date back to the 16th century, and you will feel like coming back because those breathtaking attractions will certainly show you what Germany has to offer and you will love all of it.
  • They also have all kinds of unique festivals. If you are someone who enjoys traditional festivals, you should certainly plan ahead and make sure that you mark your calender because their dates would have certainly been decided. You should visit when the folk festival is going on. You can enjoy lots of traditional food and also a lot of amusement parks. Other than this, there are also so many other festivals that you can enjoy. You don’t even have to fret if you are alone because the people are really friendly and they will undoubtedly make you feel welcome.


  • One of the most famous feasts that you should enjoy in Germany would be Oktoberfest. You should consume the beer here, and you should also be trying all the traditional food.
  • It is also strategically located in the heart of Europe, which is also considered to be the 7th largest country in Europe.